Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Maus Sticker extinguish fire?

The Fire Suppression Sticker, “MAUS Stixx”, is triggered when the sticker reaches 380°C. This would typically be in the first 3-5 seconds of the fire starting. The MAUS sticker sends out a completely non-toxic and contaminant free smoke which extinguishes the fire.
MAUS Stixx will help protect homes, cars, boats or in the workplace. The number of fires in electronics and fuse boxes is increasing every year. There are many causes for this including short circuits, old circuit breakers and broken or overloaded electronics.

How does the Maus Xtin Klein extinguish fire?
The aerosol extinguishing action occurs partly by the particles absorbing heat from the flame and by breaking into the chemical reactions that make the flame possible. The solid in the extinguisher consist of a potassium compound. Potassium radicals are very active which interrupt the chemical combustion reactions by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame. In addition, the gas part of the aerosol has an inert effect. These reactions, and the heat-absorbing effect, both increase with a reduction in the diameter of the particles. A smaller diameter gives the particles larger surface area per unit of weight, which leads to more efficient heat absorption and faster chemical impact when the small particles break down, faster than large ones. Since aerosols consist of very small particles in a gas, the result is a more effective extinguishing agent than conventional powder.
Another important feature of aerosols is that the fall rate of the particles decreases when the surface becomes large in relation to the mass, which means that the air resistance becomes relatively large in relation to the force of gravity. As a result, the particles stay suspended for a longer period of time, thereby giving you better reignition protection.
As the particles stay suspended, it is also natural that they follow the air currents. This is an important feature as this enables the smoke to extinguish flames in spaces that a conventional sprinkler system may not reach, e.g. under a table or similar.
Together, these factors make pyrotechnically generated aerosols very effective extinguishing agents.
What are the advantages of a Maus Sticker?
• Compact 10 x 5 cm x 0.5cm
• Standalone unit
• Non pressurized
• Residue free technology
• Will not harm any engine, electrical or electronic devices
• Easily installed (competent person required)
• Maintenance free
• 5 years life span
• Fast response 3-5 seconds (380°C)
• Non-toxic potassium mix
What are the advantages of a Maus Extinguisher?

• Compact – length 24cm, 5.5cm diameter and weighs 480g
• Easy to use, aim, pull the safety pin and press the start button
• Non pressurized
• Residue free technology
• Will not harm the engine, electrical or electronic devices
• Maintenance free-no annual service costs
• 5 year life span
• Non-toxic potassium mix
• Hanging bracket included
• Accessories-available-holster/nozzle

How often should you check a traditional powder extinguisher versus a Maus extinguisher?
A conventional powder extinguisher should be inverted every 6 months to prevent lumps from forming and for the device to function optimally. It should also be inspected weekly, checking that the pressure gauge is green, that it is sealed and that the extinguisher is not damaged.
A MAUS extinguishers is not pressure-based and creates a chemical reaction which converts the solid potassium mix into smoke (aerosol). Since the potassium mix is in a solid form from the outset, it is not affected by gravity as a traditional powder extinguisher and does not need to be touched during the guarantee period (5 years from the date of production).
How does the weight of a powder extinguisher compare to a Maus Extinguisher?
A 2 kg powder extinguisher weighs about 4 kg and a MAUS extinguisher weighs 480g.
i.e. The Maus extinguisher more than 8 times lighter.
Can you fly with a MAUS extinguisher?
We would always recommend you contact your carrier well in advance of flying to request permission. If allowed, print off the Safety Data Sheet and check it in. Do not attempt to take in your carry-on luggage.
Are the Maus Extinguishers approved and certified?

MAUS Xtin Klein has been tested by RINA Services S.p.A. and received the RINA Type Approval Certificate in October 2012. MAUS Xtin Klein also carries the CE Mark.

What is recommended for domestic households?

Currently there are no requirements for a fire extinguisher in a domestic household only in
commercial buildings but as:
• 48% of all fires start in the kitchen
• Every hour there is a fire in an electrical distribution board in the UK
having a Maus extinguisher, Fire Blanket and a Maus Sticker seems ideal for every household