MAUS Xtin ‘Grande’ Large


Extinguisher Large


The MAUS Xtin Grand is three times more powerful than the MAUS Xtin Klein. It uses the same innovative active formula based on potassium to effectively extinguish a fire while leaving no extinguishing residues.
The key to fire safety is the response time. How long it takes you to react and start fighting the fire.
And this in turn depends on:
1. Accessibility (how fast you can get hold of a fire extinguisher)
2. Ease of use (Pull the safety pin, point and press the start button)

MAU's effectiveness and
ease of use is recognised by leading organizations that have the highest requirements for fire safety and equipment. In Sweden customers include: The Police, Bomb Squad, Ambulance, PostNord (Post Office), Sandvik, Govi (Europe's Largest boat importer), racing associations and many more.

Even the MAUS Xtin Grande is still relatively portable and it includes a bracket so it can be easily mounted in your home, car, boat or camper.

Ideal application areas include: -Larger vehicles, sports cars, Motorboats, Sailboats and most Industrial Premises

The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of production (see marking on the extinguisher).

Maus Xtin Grand is CERTIFIED by RINA S.p.A. in class B (liquid fuel such as oil, petrol and lighter fluid) and class C (gas fires such as LPG and ammonia). In addition to class B and C, it is capable of fighting minor fires in classes A (wood, paper and plastics), F (cooking oil and food grease) and smaller electric fires.
It is not capable of fighting burning metals and emergency flares.

MAUS Xtin Grand is a great addition to other approved fire extinguishers.