MAUS Xtin ‘Klein’ NOZZLE


Fire Extinguisher Nozzle


Extend MAUS Xtin Klein with Nozzle Klein and insert it into the Fire Port of the boat, under the bonnet of the vehicle or in any other space where you do not want to open a door, hatch or cabinet to fight the fire.

Applications/Professions: Boat Engines (Inboards and adapted for Fire Port), motor vehicles (fires under bonnet on car, motorhome, truck, tractor etc), electric stations, gas grills etc.

Usage Instructions:
1. Attach the nozzle to the upper part of the MAUS Xtin Klein.
2. Pull out the manual fuse on MAUS Xtin Klein.
3. Insert the nozzle under the bonnet (vehicle), Fire Port (boat) or other opening (cabinet/door/door).
4. Hold the device firmly and press the Press Start button on the MAUS Xtin Klein.
5. Drain the entire unit and then release MAUS Xtin Klein with the Nozzle Klein and make sure that the space is completely closed so that the potassium-based Aerosol (smoke) remains in the space.

Video for Fire Port (boat):

Video for use:
The product is a disposable item and is sorted as plastic at the recycling station.