Thankfully, the Sundstrom’s story had a happy ending

“On August the 9th 2019 we were driving in our motorhome on a trip to Dalarna. As we were driving along the road we became aware of a strong pungent smell in the front of our van. We pulled off the road and stopped the engine to try and find the reason for the smell. Almost immediately we noticed thick black smoke coming out from underneath the driver’s seat and just as we were about to look for the cause of the smoke it suddenly burst into flames. As luck would have it we had recently purchased a new Maus fire extinguisher and grabbed it out of the glove compartment. Being so easy and simple to use we were able to put out the fire completely in just seconds which was amazing. Thankfully, the fire extinguisher was as advertised (Environmentally Friendly) left no residue, caused no damage and left us no mess to clean up like the other extinguisher we once had to use. Now there was of course a small bit of damage caused by the fire but fortunately it was extremely localised under the seat where the e-block was. The reason for the fire was some type of short circuit between the Solar Controller and the E-block. The insurance company took care of the cost of repair and we are extremely grateful we purchased the Maus extinguisher when we did as the damage could have been much greater. Our First priority now is to purchase another Maus extinguisher and keep it at the ready should we ever have another fire incident.”
| Birger & Gudrun Sundström in Piteå


The driver was amazed when he saw me put out the fire

“I stopped to assist a motorist on the highway whose car engine was on fire. When I stopped the car and walked back to him he was running in panic to a trench on the roadside to try to collect snow to throw on the fire. I approached the car and pointed my mouse fire extinguisher at the fire and released the powerful spray of smoke and immediately smothered the flames. The driver of the car looked at me in amazement, he was so grateful for my help he insisted on getting my details and also where he could get his own Maus fire extinguisher. He was so anxious to send the information throughout the company he worked for and of course to pay me for using my own Maus. I was just delighted to be able to help and that good feeling stayed with me all day.”

| Åke Hassellöf at Christian Berner AB


Hot Ashes Cause A Chimney Fire

“We recently had a fire in the chimney of our house, we were lucky to have our Mouse fire extinguisher close by in the kitchen. Once we released the powerful smoke and pointed it at the fire it went out immediately. ”

| André Erickson, Vaasa, Finland.


I am eternally grateful

We sailed from Barcelona to Sardinia in August. I opened the engine door to the diesel engine and there we found burning cables.

I quickly took a Maus fire extinguisher, pulled out the manual ring and sprayed a small amount of the smoke on the flames. It turned off immediately!

| Tobias Goncharoff with family (Niko, Sasha & Virginie).


MAUS Extinguishes A Fire In A Heavy Terrain Vehicle

“I had given my friend a Maus extinguisher that he had stored in the cab of his heavy terrain vehicle.. When he was out driving in the forest one day he discovered smoke coming from the front of the cab. He stopped the vehicle, picked up the Maus extinguisher and jumped out to find flames rising from the engine. He immediately released the powerful smoke from the Maus which choked off the fire in a matter of a few seconds. He was very grateful afterwards as there was no expensive damage unlike if he had extinguished it with a powder extinguisher (which was also in the cab). ”

| Ossi Billström, Upplands Väsby


Is What We Do In Our Business

“During our racing days with our members on courses around Sweden, we always have track guards equipped with MAUS. Our members race everything from Lamborghini cars to Porsches. On three occasions this year, we have managed to extinguish car fires with MAUS without creating any damage in the exclusive racing cars. We extinguished a Ginetta G20 where the brake fluid had caught fire and a Corvette (model Time Attack) where we were very close to using the powder extinguisher, but MAUS Xtin Klein also managed to extinguish the engine fire. Extinguishing a fire with a normal powder extinguisher in such expensive and unique cars could cause devasting damage. Therefore MAUS is a natural part of our emergency equipment and is now always our first choice for fighting car fires that occur on the track “.

| Michael Gumowski, Drivers


The world’s smallest?

It’s only 24 cm tall and weighs only 1/8 (480 grams) of a traditional 2 kg fire extinguisher which allows MAUS to fit anywhere and allows you to carry it everywhere with you. In your bag, in your car, on your motorcycle, attached to your belt and even in the shadow of the pepper mill in your kitchen. With MAUS only an arm’s length away every place and every situation will feel and be so much safer.

Smaller than a pepper mill and 480 grams light.


Shouldn’t it be part of your fire fighting equipment?

In Sweden, the National Bomb Squad is equipped with MAUS. PostNord (government mail company) has MAUS in all 570 cars in it’s southern division. You will not only find MAUS in corporate cars from Audi, VW, Skoda, and Volvo but also companies like Anticimex, Sandvik, Stora Enso, Motormännen, Larm-Assistance, Swedish Match and others.

Availability and versatility determine.

Save Time & Money

If you should suffer an engine fire the smoke from the Maus will not damage the engine, electronics or interior when putting out the fire. It extinguishes fires with potassium-based smoke (aerosol) and leaves no residues. It can save you so much time and money, that’s time and money you can spend on more important things than cleaning up the mess from an ordinary fire extinguisher. Equip your home, your car, your workplace and your boat or your motorcycle now with a Maus and save time, money and maybe even lives.

The Potassium will save time & money.

Where the weight matters

An ambulance is not only dependent on holding down its gross weight but it is also in need of fire protection that can extinguish a fire without destroying the sensitive equipment that you find in an ambulance.

The picture is from the ambulance in Närke.

Working together for a safer world